Swirls N Twirls, LLC
Wire Sculpted Jewelry and Lapidary Services
Welcome to Swirls N Twirls     

Swirls N Twirls jewelry is sculpted out of either sterling silver or 14k rolled gold wire using my hands and very little tools.  The stones I use in my jewelry are
hand cut and polished in house by my husband, unless otherwise specified, and every stone is unique.  Swirls N Twirls jewelry pieces are one of a kind, since no two handmade items will ever be the same.  Swirls N Twirls jewelry can be worn in either a formal or causal setting.  Swirls N Twirls jewelry is also a great gift for that special person in your life.  

Swirls N Twirls offers:

  • Sterling Silver wire jewelry
  • 14k Rolled Gold wire jewelry
  • Natural stones jewelry
  • Genuine gemstone jewelry
  • Custom orders are welcome
  • Lapidary Services
    • Wire Wrap Classes

    If you have any questions, please feel to contact us at info@swirlsntwirls.com.

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    Leopard Skin Agate sculpted in 14k rolled gold.
    Leopard Skin Agate in rolled gold wire
    Genuine Amethyst sculpted in 14k rolled gold.
    Amethyst in 14k rolled gold wire